Thermal water pool and sauna

For a wonderful feeling of relaxation and pampering, you can enjoy the hotel’s thermal mineral water pool, a whirlpool, and Finnish sauna.
According to a study and other expert literature about these types of waters (prim. prof. dr. sci. mag. Janez Kraševec, PhD, balneologist), the balneological applicability of thermo-mineral water is useful when it comes to:

  • chronic degenerative issues of the backbone, limbs, and joints,
  • vertebrogenic pain, joint stiffness, neuralgia,
  • arthrosis, spondyloarthrosis, ankylosing spondylitis (Mb Bechterew),
  • recovery from accidents and operations on limbs and joints,
  • maintaining and extending rehabilitation after a prior spa treatment,
  • reflex dystrophy, muscle laxity due to inactivity,
  • preventing osteoporosis, performing programmed exercises in the pool.